Permanent Makeup

Permanent eye make up is the perfect way to give your peepers more definition without the need to remove and reapply every morning and night!

Lash Enhancer – Pigment is placed along the lash line to create the appearance of fuller/thicker/darker lashes….a treatment everyone benefits from…..from £145.

Eyeliner – A fine to medium eyeliner, for the right client, makes eyes look bigger, defined and brings the colour of your eyes to life…..from £195

Both treatments can be applied to the top and/or bottom eye area.

Lip Line – If you’ve lost a little definition or need help with symmetry then a soft lip line tattoo could be the answer to your prayers…..from £195.

Lip Line & Blush – All the benefits of a lip liner with an added blush of sheer colour blended into the middle of the lips…..from £275.